Many Mini Residency: Mexico City

Public Events

Sunday, December 7
16:00 – 21:00 at El Barrio Lounge
FASTA! by Iacopo Seri
Fasta is a libertarian practice. But it’s not absolute freedom. It’s freedom within strong rules. Open your default audio recording software on your computer, bring some music instruments, your voice, your body. Now it’s up to you: jam, make sounds, with friends or alone. Record. Don’t think to what you’re doing, just relax, just do it, just fasta. Now let’s speed it up two or four times. It’s time to listen: it’s not you, you didn’t do that crazy staff, with that noisy squirrel sounds. Export it, give it a title in 5 seconds, very fasta. The first one is the bestTit one. Record a lot, don’t bother about quality, it doesn’t matter. Record, listen, organize it in playlists, give them a cover art. Fasta is about everyone, everybody can do it, everybody can join. Just do it, you’re not responsible at all. This work aims to encourage people to embrace this woderful practice, a practice of freedom. It’s not worth mentioning that also Slowsta exist. Altered states, if present, can only bring to different blends of Fasta.

Tuesday, December 12
10:00-18:00 at El Barrio Lounge
Exhibition by Lourdes Gallegos
Lourdes Gallegos will show her personal work in the Barrio Lounge.

Saturday, December 13
10:00-14:00 in the park of San Jerónimo
Children’s Workshop by Lourdes Gallegos
Lourdes Gallegos is inviting children from the local community to participate in a drawing and printing workshop. In the workshop the children will create a large collaborative drawing, which is based on ideas about the place where they live. They will also create two small scale prints each. One they can take home, the other one will become part of a small exhibition, which will be shown on the same day and at the same location from 12 – 2 pm.

14:30 to 18:30 in the park of San Jerónimo
Wrestling Archive by Andrea Balestrero and Ofelia Burgos Soria
Wrestling is one of the few folk icons that has managed to seep into everyday life and contemporary Mexican culture and the Mexican culture perceived abroad , managging to inspire film, art, fashion, design, etc. This project is an inquiry into the evidence of such influence, which calls and invites the public to share their experiences and donate some representative object of Wrestling in the afternoon of Saturday 13 December at the park of San Jerónimo from 14.30 to 18:30 p.m..

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